While groups like Amnesty International are bitching about human rights violations in Ferguson, MO, meanwhile in the Sinjar mountain range of Iraq, members of the Yazidis religious sect were given the following option from the Islamic State: 

"They demanded three things from us, either our religion, our head, or our women."

This is what real “human rights” violations look like.

And for those that have inquired.  Yes, I have seen the James Foley video (warning: graphic).  Am I 100% certain it’s authentic?  No.  Even barbarians like IS have access to video editing software and enough know-how to put this thing together as well do other governments or entities wanting to stoke the flames in Iraq and Syria.  Not to mention, it is still oddly strange that he didn’t put up more of a fight (similar to the video of the IS shooting bodies in Iraq.)  I still wouldn’t put it past these murders bastards though.  Let’s put it this way, I hope it’s not real.